How am i supposed to be attracted to anyone when i know that stromae exists? 

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Credit to photographer Michael Ferire.

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Not my best tbh but…

(Oh and this would be a part of a zine that my friend and I are going to release this month)

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Name: Stromae (Paul Van Haver)
Origin: Brussels, Belgium
Created in: 2005
Genres: House, New Beat, electronic music

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Sans même devoir lui parler,
Il sait ce qu’il ne va pas.

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Stromae for Esquire Nederland ph. Casper Rila 

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Paléo festival
© Stéphane Cazalet

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I guess —I disagree with you but ill let you have this one because I don’t feel like debating anymore with your simple ass (via monitormylife)
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every year. 

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remember that time jane told lisbon she was a bad girl?

i hope the writers do when they’re coming up with cute jisbon scenes for season 7.

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favourite character meme [3/7] scenes ;
"I plead the fifth."

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» Wedding Project : Robin Tunney


Hello Tunnies & Mentalistas,

Just a little post to remind you that there is still the Wedding project going on so if you want to participate and congratulate the happy Couple, you’re welcome to join :)


36 participants joined The Wedding Project. .

Also on those…


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